Container Gardening Online Communities

Here at we’re driven by a passion for container gardening. And while searching through the various social networks of the World Wide Web, we get shocked, awed and downright impressed by the innovative pots and planters people are making. This post will try to highlight some of this passion that permeates through these gardening communities that makes us proud to be in the container gardening business.

Tire Swing

Let’s start with a new way to look at your busted or bald tire. Why not turn it into a unique and distinct tire-swing planter for your favorite flowers? This unique hanging basket planter was pulled off of one of the perfect online destinations for the ambitious gardener, the Pretty Planters board on Pinterest curated by Barb Rosen in collaboration with HomeTalk.Com . This board is filled with creative gardening and planter tips and tricks as well as dozens of unique links to DIY projects.

wine bottle planter

Perhaps the most formidable and admirable container community on the web is the Container Gardening Alliance, created by University of Ghent botany professor Willem Van Cotthem. This community is booming with ideas, images and advice for any gardener ranging from the novice to the expert. For an example look no further then this unique way to recycle your empty wine bottles as one fine individual did to host his succulent plant garden. Ask yourself, what  says ‘gardening’ more so then an empty bottle of wine?

Since you’re using your empty wine bottle to host any number of flowers, why not use those left over corks? This wine cork mini garden taken of the DIY Garden Projects Community might just be the perfect use. It’s not just a creative and distinct piece of home décor; it’s also spatially economical and environmentally friendly.

Wine Cork

Truck Planter

Accordingly, if you have yourself a playful personality you must check out this post from the Garden Naturally Group, the toy dump truck planter. This is exactly the creative and personable gardening decisions that can add unique sense of personal care and vitality to complement the vibrancy of your garden.


Picket Fence Planter

While unconventional pots and planters are certainly awesome, sometimes one craves a more conventional project. There are many build your own planters tutorials out there, but if you’re looking for something traditional yet unique, feast your eyes on this picket fence planter pinned on the DIY Pots/Planters board on Pinterest. It’s the slightly more ambitious projects that show that sometimes making a unique planter takes some extra work, but as Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.”

Since we’re on the subject of hard work and home décor it would be tough not to mention this highly creative use of broken coffee mugs. Some ambitious individual took it upon themselves to mortar themselves up a chipped and broken coffee mug wall garden. It seems recycling, audacity and garden planters go well together according to the fine folks on the Container and Herb Gardening community on Google+.

Coffee Mug Wall Garden

No list could ever truly capture the breadth and imagination that exists in the many pockets and communities of the internet. But it is efforts and ideas like these that make container gardening such a rich and fulfilling endeavor. It is the same passion that fuels these communities that drive us at MyPotsAndPlanters.Com to match their creativity with quality and convenience  by providing the most comprehensive collection of pots and planters at the lowest possible cost, all with free shipping.


If there are any active and die hard gardening communities we missed please let us know!

Joe Brown


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