How to Choose a Planter: Planter Types and Materials

Trying to decide what’s the perfect material to suite your unique container gardening needs. Well here’s a crash course in the boons and benefits of the various materializations of some of MyPotsAndPlanters.Com’s most impressive products.

Resin, Vinyl and Plastic

Resin Vinyl Plastic

Synthetic materials are one of the most popular choices for planters for three simple reasons, their variety of style and design, they’re lightweight, and perhaps most importantly they’re inexpensive. Because they are made to imitate (and imitate quite well at that) other popular designs of material they are often preferable because of their weight and affordability. Perhaps the only hindrance of this material is that they aren’t equipped to host lighter plants in windy conditions for there is a chance of blowing over.

One of the more distinct synthetic styles comes from Amedeo Design, whose signature ResinStone material boasts an indistinguishable look from actual stone at a fraction of the weight. This is the perfect luxurious rendition of the typical synthetic planter with a heightened degree of authenticity.

Wooden Planters


The classic, all-natural style has its own aesthetic charm that can perfectly match the rustic look of any garden. The three main types of wood used to create these planters are Teak, Cedar, and Redwood. While these three are naturally disinclined towards rot (Teak and Cedar more so than Redwood) they do naturally age. While the seasoned gray color that results can be a symbol of pride and naturality in your garden, various sealants and products might be necessary to prevent aging and cracking especially in redwood.

Fabric Planters


Fabric planters Burplay 2are actually a preferred method of growing vegetables for many gardeners. This is because the fabric allows greater root exposure to the
air increasing the quality of plant life. Accordingly, this is why at MyPotsAndPlanters.Com we are proud of our top notch selection of vegetable grow bags, because crop yield is almost always increased by using a fabric planter. Be sure to check out or high specialized tomato, potato and pepper grow bags.

Additionally, one of the premiere manifestations fabric planters can be found is in creatively recycled clothing or cloth products. For a quick example check out this unique use of old burlap sacks turned into cloth planters.

Metal Planters


Rugged, durable, modern and stylish, Metal Planters are the affordable bet hedging planter for the economical gardener. Depending on the style you’re looking for with your garden, a metal planter might just be the perfect option. Always dependable and durablethese planters never rot or splinter and can fit a unique and modern outdoor design ready to weather any conditions.

It’s important when planning for perfect garden that your planter’s material suites your needs. At MyPotsAndPlanters.Com we have all these materials and more at discounted prices with free shipping all while trying to supply them a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs to accentuate and complement your unique garden.


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