Making an Elegant Garden in Limited Space

Plants are coming out of their dormancy period in the Northeast, and they’ve been awake and blooming in the Northwest since February. Now is the time to go to the nurseries and get the perfect plants for your home, balcony, deck, or wherever you can put your planters. We’ve come up with our list of the top five planters and accessories that we need right now to make those plants feel at home.

5. Organic Container Mix: No mater what, plants need dirt, and the results with this dirt are amazing

The geranium on the left was grown in organic container mix The Pinto Geranium on the left is three times larger than their friend grown at the same time and in the same conditions

(Staging provided by our local nursery. Thanks so much guys!) There has been an experiment running in our building since February, when these geraniums had their seeds put down in little pots, and their pots were placed under our grow lights. Everything was the same, except for the soil. The geranium on the left was put in the organic container mix, while the geranium on the right was potted in regular container mix. We’re convinced that organic container mix is the best way to go.

4. Aquasav Colorful Hanging Basket

It looks great outside, and the drainage is phenomenal
It looks great outside, and the drainage is phenomenal

This basket makes water retention a breeze, which means less watering and happier plants. It’s a win for us, and we get to choose colors to suit ourselves. Just hang these from your porch to brighten up our home.

3. Origami Planters

Check out all of the modern designs from Crescent Garden over at
They’re new, gorgeous, and we want these planters

We’re really excited about these new planters, especially given the hard weather we have up here. They’re durable double-walled to have better root protection against the early frosts. The modern design is so eye catching that they can become a landscape piece for a front yard, or add architectural distinction to a house.

2. River Rock Planters

Go look at these stunning planters
These planters are great for tabletop plants and finishing your interior design

Since we’re recommending planters with modern edges, we only think it fair to give smoother contemporary looks a spot, too, and these River Rock planters are our pick. Make the small one a table centerpiece, while the large planter‘s taller shape works beautifully outside, and the medium planter can hold succulents on a bookshelf.

1. The Wall Succulent Planter

Sometimes I wonder if these plants will grow as densely as I hope and dream
One magnificent planter for desert beauty

Exactly what it claims to be. It’s perfect for succulents and many other wonderful plants that need low water levels, while the rustic style and rich redwood is gorgeous. This American made piece of craftsmanship gets all our recommendations, and is definitely the top pick of this list for anyone thinking about container growing this year.


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