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Wood Planter Comparison: A Brief Guide to Wooden Planters


beautifulWooden planters have many benefits aside from being naturally beautiful. For one, wood is among the most sustainable planter materials. Unlike plastic and other synthetic materials, untreated wood is biodegradable. Also plastic and other synthetic materials often contain chemicals that could introduce toxins into the soil and to your plants. Untreated wood planters are made of natural wood and don’t have these harmful toxins.

Wood is also more durable than other flimsy materials such as plastic and fiberglass. To further extend the planter life span, line them with a plastic or fabric liner to avoid rotting. Wood also allows for excess water to escape naturally instead of trapping water and saturating your roots like plastic and resin planters do. It is also important to have adequate drainage for wooden planters to prevent rotting. Wooden planters insulate plant roots from the heat of the summer sun as well as help to protect them from the winter frost. redwood plantersAnother plus to wooden planters is that it’s easy to change up the style of your container garden without replacing your planters by simply repainting your planters. However, you should avoid stains and sealers on your wooden planters as these are usually toxic to plants.
There are many different types of wood to choose from when deciding on a wooden planter. Some popular woods are cypress, teak, redwood and red or white cedar. These types of wood are popular planter materials because they are all naturally weather and insect resistant.

There are many different designs you can choose from when purchasing a wooden planter. My Pots and Planters has a wide selection of wooden planters ranging from a small beveled redwood planter boxes to an eight foot elevated cedar planters. redwood planterThere are different styles to choose from to match your container garden style. If you are looking for a more rustic look the farmstead raised garden bed or the Gronomics rustic planter brings a rough rustic look to your garden space.farmstand

You can purchase wooden planters or you can easily build them with a few items from your hardware store. Pinterest has many DIY and how-to‘s  for building your own wooden planters. Re-purposed wood is also a great material option for planters. Reusing untreated wood allows for you to recycle used lumberrepurposed
that is still useful without throwing it away and wasting it. Wood pallets are an easy and readily accessible option for creating wooden planters. You can also re-purpose pre-existing wooden containers and use them as planters. whiskey barrel planterFor example, people often use half or full wooden whiskey barrels as planters.

There are many options when choosing the right wooden planter for your gardening space. Whether you purchase a wooden planter or make your own it’s important to research the different types of wood to find the one that fits your garden’s style.



By: Page Hallock


Show Off Your Plants with these Great Plant Stand Ideas!


If your patio or sitting room feels like it’s missing something, sometimes it just needs a little color and dimension. New plants would add some life, but plants that just sit on the floor are often overlooked and underappreciated. Solution: Add an indoor plant stand that would allow you to display your shorter plants that don’t always get the limelight or sunlight in this case.

A ladder re-purposed into a unique indoor plant stand.

Plant stands can change the whole atmosphere of an area, especially in smaller spaces. Apartments or condos often have limited space, so adding a stand filled with greenery to a corner brings life to a commonly stale space. There are a wide variety of stands that you can buy or make to add to your style or completely change it up. If you have limited natural light in your space, just place the planter stand near the brightest spot so that all your plants get equal sunlight.

Rolling plant stand to make transporting pots and planters easier.

Use stands for your patio or deck plants, as well, to free up floor space for seating. If you have larger trees in your outdoor space, use short rolling stands to transport heavier plants with ease. Multi-level plant stands make watering multiple plants faster and more efficient.

Wrought iron indoor plant stand

Wrought iron, metal, and wooden stands are all beautiful options to chose from when shopping for a stand, but don’t limit yourself to these. You can use materials you already have to make a custom stand that’s perfect for your space.

Wooden in/outdoor Plant Stand
Wooden in/outdoor Plant Stand
Metal indoor multi-level plant stand

Get a little crazy and explore fun and new stand ideas! Take advantage of all that your space has to offer and find the plant stand that’s right for you!

Circular metal plant stand to add flare to your space
                            For more plant stand ideas check out our Pinterest page!
By: Page Hallock